Life of a Game Developer

Hey Guys. In my first Post I want to tell you something about my current Project, a Game called “Life of a Game Developer”. It will be something between Sims and Game Developing Games like Game Dev Tycoon/Story or Mad Games Tycoon.

In the Game you start as a teenager with zero knowledge but the dream to get a game developer.

You can decide what programming language to learn, what game to develop, what company to join or even create your own one to earn your livings and forfill your dream.

I plan to keep it as realistic as possible, so the game develop process will take some time if you got nobody helping you, you need to eat and sleep in between the development and and also take some time for your friends how can be usefull for the beginning.

You start beeing 17 years old but you get older by time to be careful to reach what you want before its too late.


Thats all I currently want to tell you about the game, it´s still in development and because I´m programming it alone it will take some time.
I will post updates as often as possible on Twitter and here.

If you got some feedback for me it be great if you would tell me via Twitter or the Contact Page.

Life of a Game Developer